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Organizational Performance: The Key to Success in the 21st Century

What Others Are Saying…


“I believe Curt’s book Organizational Performance, will revolutionize the way we deal with organizational performance and strategy in the modern workplace. Curt’s method is brilliant and highly effective.”

Brent D. Peterson, Ph.D., Co-author, Fake Work, Chairman and Co-founder PetersonGillespie International

“Curt is able to craft an intellectually compelling and thoroughly pragmatic approach to improving organizational effectiveness in this book. With extensive years of internal corporate and external global consulting, he shares “real”, world experiences that provide a road map for organizational success. As a long-time colleague, I admire Curt, as the guy who knows “what to do” to get an organization back on track, and “how” to do it.”

Bill Wigglesworth, former International Human Resources Manager, ExxonMobil Corporation.

“Curt’s real skill and gift is his ability to help leaders understand the DNA of their leadership style, the impact on their organization, and then lay out in simple terms how to make their DNA deliver outstanding results consistently. A must read for anyone serious about effective, efficient leadership”

Joseph H. Bryant, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Cobalt International Energy

“What is the key to success? In our highly competitive world leaders shouldn’t underestimate the importance of building an organization that efficiently delivers sustainable results and high performance. This book provides a complete framework for doing that – from top level strategic thinking to very specific technical/ operational aspects. Leaders will find ‘out of the box’ solutions which makes this book a great resource regardless of what country you are in or the organization that you lead.”

Nina Suhova, Director of Strategy and Sustainability for Russian Sochi 2014 Olympic Committee. Currently Director of Management Consulting at Atrinity/Asteros Group

“Organizations are complex sophisticated organisms; and the pace of change, globalization, and intense competition makes it all the more critical to get it right. Curt’s 30 plus years working in some of the most challenging environments around the world has given him insight and wisdom that enables him to help his clients tackle even the most challenging organizational objectives. Curt’s skill managing teams, designing solutions, and working with top management make his contributions practical and powerful, and now through his book accessible to a much wider audience.”

David Hatch, Managing Director, Center for Leadership Solutions and former PepsiCo Vice President, Organization and Management Development Worldwide

“I had the pleasure of teaming up with Curt for over a decade in the Middle East. Curt is able to adapt his systematic approach, experience and knowledge in an effective manner to resolve real client issues throughout the world. He captures in this book a comprehensive way to analyze barriers to organization performance and provide a strategic road map for leaders to elevate their organization’s performance to deliver extraordinary value.”

Jalal Bibi, Ernst & Young Partner Strategy Competency Lead – MENA – Abu Dhabi, UAE